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PHANTOMS Foundation
Universidad Autonoma de MAdrid
Parque Científico de Madrid
Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Group / Institution
Phantoms Foundation
Phantoms Foundation

The Phantoms Foundation based in Madrid, Spain, focuses its activities on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (N&N) and is now a key actor in structuring and fostering European Excellence and enhancing collaborations in these fields. The Phantoms Foundation, a non-profit organisation, gives high level management profile to National and European scientific projects (among others, the COST Bio-Inspired nanotechnologies, ICT-FET Integrated Project AtMol, ICT/FET nanoICT Coordination Action, EU/NMP nanomagma project, NanoCode project under the Programme Capacities, in the area Science in Society FP7) and provides an innovative platform for dissemination, transfer and transformation of basic nanoscience knowledge, strengthening interdisciplinary research in nanoscience and nanotechnology and catalysing collaboration among international research groups.

The Foundation also works in close collaboration with Spanish and European Governmental Institutions to provide focused reports on N&N related research areas (infrastructure needs, emerging research, etc.).

Universidad Autonoma de Madrid (MoLE Group)
Universidad Autonoma de Madrid

MoLE (Moving Light and Electrons) is a theoretical research group of the Condensed Matter Physics Department at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM). The group research, headed by Prof. Juan José Sáenz, is focused on different theoretical and modelling aspects related to nanoscience. At present the group research interests include theoretical modelling of scanning probe microscopies (SPM), quantum electron transport through nanocontacts, wave transport through complex media and optical phenomena at the nanoscale.

MoLE group is also involved in the organisation of the annual meetings of the Spanish Nanotechnology Network (NANOSPAIN) and the prestigious “Trends in Nanotechnology” (TNT) conference series since 2000. The group is partner of the European funded Integrated Project “Integrated Technologies for in-vivo Molecular Imaging”.
Parque Cientifico de Madrid
Parque Cientifico de Madrid

The PCM (Madrid Science Park / Parque Cientifico de Madrid) was established as a non-profit foundation in June 2001 by its founding members: the Autónoma and Complutense Universities of Madrid, in order to bridge the gap between the scientific and the business communities in our region and to contribute to its technological and economic growth. Later, other research institutions have joined PCM´s Board of Trustees: CSIC (National Scientific Research Council) and CIEMAT (Energy, Environment and Technology Research Centre). Also private Banking Group Santander, the Madrid Chamber of Commerce, the Madrid City Council and its Regional Government, namely its departments of Economy and Technological Innovation, Health and Education are trustees.

Currently, PCM offers world-class scientific research infrastructures and technological business development services in two strategic areas: Biotechnology, Biomedicine and Bioinformatics, and Materials Science and Nanotechnology.